11-05: Thy Will be done…Always!

Thy Will be done…Always!


Try to make an instantaneous act of conformity to God’s will, at everything which vexes you.  Edward B. Pusey


What does God really want from me?  Simply it is to love Him and to love our brothers and sisters.  In order to do that there are many things that have to happen, first of those is we need to have sobriety and get into recovery and that is going to require a lot of will power to stay in His will.

“Clearly, what God wants above all is our will which we received as a free gift from God in creation and possess as though our own. When a man trains himself to acts of virtue, it is with the help of grace from God from whom all good things come that he does this. The will is what man has as his unique possession”.  Those words of wisdom, by St James of Cupertino, are a must to live by if we are to recover from addiction and grow in the spirit.

For no one has done as “good and persistent” a job at living and surviving by our own unaided will than we addicts.  It is therefore essential, critical and absolutely necessary that we dedicate our lives in recovery to living out and staying in God’s will for us, if we wish to live in total freedom from the absolute bondage of our addictions, in thoughts and deeds.

Thought for the day

How can we approach the subject of living in His will?  As addicts, it is important first to recognize that the 12 Steps of recovery are timeless.  They are in fact a positive, coherent and contemporary map for our spiritual journey toward transformation.  They will get us there as long as we exercise our will to stay in His will.                                                                                                                                                 But just how can we train ourselves to do this…to live by His will?        Well, for one thing do not think of it as training ourselves, for that thinking serves to confirm and feed the lie that we can control our self will.  It is of paramount importance that in all things we get involved in, that we call upon His grace and blessings to show us His will for us.  Think of this training as His tutoring to us, His mentoring to us and ultimately as part of His fatherhood to us.

“Thy will be done” should follow all our thoughts or intuitions when dealing with pleasant or unpleasant situations. For instance, when you wish, and by every means endeavor, to be well, and yet remain ill,–then say, “Thy will be done.” When you undertake something, and your undertaking does not succeed, say, “Thy will be done.” When you treat others well and they repay you with evil, say, “Thy will be done.” Or when you would like to sleep, and are overtaken by sleeplessness, say, “Thy will be done.” In general, do not become irritated when anything is not done in accordance with your will, but learn to submit in everything to the will of our Heavenly Father.  By the same token we must learn how to attribute all our benefits to Him as well, lest we become convinced, by our own ego, that good stuff happens because we can control them and bad stuff happens because He can’t.  So when we eat a good meal, when we find that good parking spot, when we meet that client to be, when we close a sale, when our child does well in school or in the sports field, when we find a terrific sale or when we have a restful night’s sleep let’s rejoice in His love for us, for He is wonderfully consistent and his love for us is unmatched on earth and in the heavens.  We can do this simply by saying…Thy will be done!


Abba Father, help me today to live in peace by surrendering my will to you in all areas.  I know about a lot of things but I don’t know about the most important thing…and that is you.  Grant me a childlike spirit and faith that my life experiences may not conflict with my absolute devotion to and faith in you.  Please help me to be yours!  In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen 


About SLAA Tilburg

Wat is seks- en liefdeverslaving? Wij in S.L.A.A. geloven dat seks- en liefdeverslaving een voortschrijdende ziekte is, die niet kan worden genezen maar die, zoals veel ziekten, wel tot staan kan worden gebracht. Zij kan verschillende vormen aannemen – inclusief (maar niet beperkt tot) een dwangmatige behoefte aan seks, extreme afhankelijkheid van één persoon (of meerdere personen), en/of een voortdurend in beslag genomen worden door romantiek, affaires of fantasieën. Er is sprake van een obsessief-dwangmatig patroon, seksueel of emotioneel (of beide), waarin relaties of seksuele activiteiten in toenemende mate destructief geworden zijn voor de loopbaan, het gezinsleven en het gevoel van zelfrespect. Als seks- en liefdeverslaving wordt veronachtzaamd, wordt zij altijd erger. Wanneer wij echter een eenvoudig programma volgen dat voor een reeks van mannen en vrouwen met dezelfde ziekte succesvol is gebleken, kunnen wij herstellen. In S.L.A.A. leren wij de realiteit te accepteren dat wij deze verslaving hebben
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