02-02: Inevitable Change…

Inevitable Change…

People can’t live with change if there’s not a changeless core inside them. The key to the ability to change is a changeless sense of who you are, what you are about and what you value.
~Stephen R. Covey~

It’s been said that the only thing constant, is change.  This is most certainly true of our world, as our own physical nature, surroundings, circumstances, technology, etc., are ever in an ongoing state of flux and change.  When it comes to our character it is only through that changeless sense of who we really are, that resides deep within us, that we are able to adapt to, adjust, and cope with those changes.  In that, we must remain consistently unmoved.  We know that we must discover who we are before we recover from what we’ve become.

Thought for the day
And so the question becomes am I willing to go there?  Am I willing to surrender to God and follow the wise counsel of my sponsor without debating his direction?  Am I willing to work each and every day to build the core within me that will sustain the pain and agony we must all endure to effect a permanent change in me?  Am I truly ready to pay the dues required to become an authentic man?   Am I willing to love and be loved but not at the cost of sacrificing my core to please others?  I am a Rock!

LORD, WHO shall dwell [temporarily] in Your tabernacle? Who shall dwell [permanently] on Your holy hill?  He who walks and lives uprightly and blamelessly, who works rightness and justice and speaks and thinks the truth in his heart, He who does not slander with his tongue, nor does evil to his friend, nor takes up a reproach against his neighbor;  In whose eyes a vile person is despised, but he who honors those who fear the Lord (who revere and worship Him); who swears to his own hurt and does not change;  [He who] does not put out his money for interest [to one of his own people] and who will not take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things shall never be moved.
~Psalm 15:1-5 (Amp)~

Oh God, you know how weak I am, you know that I am a man of good intentions, of great plans of wonderful decisions and even better dreams but Lord I am weak in my resolve to take the corresponding actions.  Am I ever needy of your mercy?  Help me today to grow in my faith.  Spark within me the fire of desire to become a holy man.  Help me to know that this is a lifelong journey that demands I grow a backbone to face each and everyday those obstacles within me that keep me from my true destiny.  Help me today to stay in the now, be attentive to my actions that I may know my shortcomings and what in me I need to change.  In your name I pray.


About SLAA Tilburg

Wat is seks- en liefdeverslaving? Wij in S.L.A.A. geloven dat seks- en liefdeverslaving een voortschrijdende ziekte is, die niet kan worden genezen maar die, zoals veel ziekten, wel tot staan kan worden gebracht. Zij kan verschillende vormen aannemen – inclusief (maar niet beperkt tot) een dwangmatige behoefte aan seks, extreme afhankelijkheid van één persoon (of meerdere personen), en/of een voortdurend in beslag genomen worden door romantiek, affaires of fantasieën. Er is sprake van een obsessief-dwangmatig patroon, seksueel of emotioneel (of beide), waarin relaties of seksuele activiteiten in toenemende mate destructief geworden zijn voor de loopbaan, het gezinsleven en het gevoel van zelfrespect. Als seks- en liefdeverslaving wordt veronachtzaamd, wordt zij altijd erger. Wanneer wij echter een eenvoudig programma volgen dat voor een reeks van mannen en vrouwen met dezelfde ziekte succesvol is gebleken, kunnen wij herstellen. In S.L.A.A. leren wij de realiteit te accepteren dat wij deze verslaving hebben
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