01-11: Faithfully Yours…

Faithfully Yours…

I do not pray for success. I ask for faithfulness.  ~Mother Theresa~

Rather than simply keeping our focus on ultimate success, if we will learn to be faithful in everything that we do, success will be a natural result.  Those who are faithful in the little things will be given much.  Be thankful for the little things…and never despise the days of humble beginnings…they are the stepping stones to lasting achievement.

Thought for the day
While it may be true that success requires some degree of faith, it is of paramount importance that we define success for ourselves.  Men will typically attach some kind of work related achievement or financial security to their own definition of success…but is that really so?  I believe that “no amount of success in business can overcome failure in the home”.  For those of us who have really gone astray and can not see the truth I urge you to prayerfully consider a revision of your priorities.  They must be, 1) God, 2) Family 3) Work.   If we are to truly experience the God given blessings which fill our hearts with joy and happiness, we had better make sure we’re on the “right “path to success.

He therefore said, A certain nobleman went into a distant country to obtain for himself a kingdom and then to return.  Calling ten of his [own] bondservants, he gave them ten minas…and said to them, Buy and sell with these while I go and then return.  But his citizens detested him and sent an embassy after him to say, We do not want this man to become ruler over us.  When he returned after having received the kingdom, he ordered those bond servants to whom he had given the money to be called to him, that he might know how much each one had made by buying and selling.  The first one came before him, and he said, Lord, your mina has made ten [additional] minas.  And he said to him, Well done, excellent bond servant!  Because you have been faithful and trustworthy in a very little [thing], you shall have authority over ten cities. ~Jesus, Luke 19:12-17~


About SLAA Tilburg

Wat is seks- en liefdeverslaving? Wij in S.L.A.A. geloven dat seks- en liefdeverslaving een voortschrijdende ziekte is, die niet kan worden genezen maar die, zoals veel ziekten, wel tot staan kan worden gebracht. Zij kan verschillende vormen aannemen – inclusief (maar niet beperkt tot) een dwangmatige behoefte aan seks, extreme afhankelijkheid van één persoon (of meerdere personen), en/of een voortdurend in beslag genomen worden door romantiek, affaires of fantasieën. Er is sprake van een obsessief-dwangmatig patroon, seksueel of emotioneel (of beide), waarin relaties of seksuele activiteiten in toenemende mate destructief geworden zijn voor de loopbaan, het gezinsleven en het gevoel van zelfrespect. Als seks- en liefdeverslaving wordt veronachtzaamd, wordt zij altijd erger. Wanneer wij echter een eenvoudig programma volgen dat voor een reeks van mannen en vrouwen met dezelfde ziekte succesvol is gebleken, kunnen wij herstellen. In S.L.A.A. leren wij de realiteit te accepteren dat wij deze verslaving hebben
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